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Dear HR.

Let us help you make the case to HR to compete in ggTO for charity.

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I'm writing to share and request a meeting to discuss a team building initiative called ggTO that several of our teammates at [COMPANY] have expressed an interest in participating in.

ggTO is a corporate esports league that puts a modern twist to traditional corporate sports league like soccer, volleyball, or basketball. Instead, they are pitting companies in Toronto ranging from small technology startups to Canada's largest banks up against one another in friendly competition in popular esports titles like League of Legends and Overwatch.

A lot of us at [COMPANY] already play these games in our spare time or enjoy watching competitive games as spectators. Fun Fact: In 2016, 43 million people watched the League of Legends finals and a 2017 report by Newzoo estimates there to be 385-million "esports enthusiasts" around the globe.

So far, I’ve found [NUMBER] other co-workers who would like to participate with me in ggTO.

  • How many employees does your company have?

ggTO has an admission fee of $100 per team of 5 people (which translates to $20 per person) for about 8 weeks of tournament matches. I’m requesting reimbursement for the admission fee because I believe the ggTO will be a fun way to get to know my co-workers better while also be able to give back to charity.

If you have any questions about ggTO, you can contact the organizer, Karel Vuong, at



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