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About us

Our story and approach to community building and philanthropic giving through esports.

ggTO is a community organization formed to bring Toronto together through the magic of esports. We encourage fun, teamwork, and friendly competition, all while benefiting local charities and causes. All skill levels are welcome and we do our best to keep matches evenly paired.

Developed to build on the momentum of Vision 2020, an initiative created by the Toronto Foundation to grow the next generation of philanthropists, ggTO primarily supports two charitable organizations, the Kilo Foundation and the Mencius Foundation, alongside other charities and foundations.

What is esports?

In a nutshell, this:

Esports is competitive gaming played at a professional level. Like regular sports, esports has a variety of different kinds of games, professional players, and teams like the Toronto Raptors. The majority of popular esports are team-based games played in leagues or tournaments throughout the year, culminating in one final event.

In 2016, the North American League of Legends (LoL) held its summer tournament finals over a weekend at the Air Canada Centre with 20,000 people in attendance at a fully sold out event. The prize for the winning team? More than $2-million.

Behind the name

“gg” means “good game” and is commonly used in esports to indicate to the other team or player that you are leaving and that the match was fair and enjoyable — regardless of whether or not you won or lost.

ggTO aims to spread the joy and competitive fun that esports can bring to Toronto.

"Good game, Toronto."

Who’s behind ggTO?

ggTO is the brainchild of Karel and Kevin Vuong, two brothers who grew up in the GTA on video games and wanted to reimagine philanthropy in a modern, fun way that involved and gave back to the community.

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