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Give by gaming.

Bringing communities together through the magic of esports.

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Supporting great charitable organizations

  • Kilo Foundation
  • Mencius Foundation
  • SickKids Foundation


Esports for the community.

ggTO organizes esports competitions in Toronto for the community. We encourage fun, teamwork, and friendly competition, all while benefiting local charities and causes. All skill levels are welcome and we do our best to keep matches evenly paired.

Compete Now

Registration Ends: April 15, 2018

Registration Ends: May 13, 2018

In the Future

Do you want us to launch these games sooner or have other games you'd like to play?
Let us know on Discord!

Corporate League

Work hard, play hard.

ggTO’s corporate league adds a modern twist to the traditional corporate sports league to pit companies ranging from small startups to Canada’s largest banks up against one another in friendly competition in popular esports titles. Who will emerge the victor?

  • Increase trust, communication, and collaboration through modern team building

  • Attract and retain talent through innovative CSR initiatives

  • Give back to the community in a way that’s fun and engaging for your people

Community League

I want to be the very best.

ggTO's community league pits players from across Toronto against one another in friendly competition to support meaningful, local charities. From online tournaments to in-person events taking place at local venues, ggTO does all of this for the community, in the community.

  • Compete against other players for charity and exciting prizes

  • Show the rest of Toronto who's boss


Join our party.

We are always looking for partners who want to make our community a better place through ggTO charity tournaments, spread esports to the masses, or tackle a raid boss with us.

Join the esports community in Toronto